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Dear colleagues, friends,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

BAATPE has the pleasure to invite you to a



The event is organized for the first time jointly by six textile associations and clusters from South Eastern Europe as part of a larger cooperation framework.

Date:                    31 May - 1 June

Venue:                  Hotel Kempinski  Zografski,

                           100 Blvd. James Boucher, hall Siluett , Sofia (Bulgaria)

Entrancy:              Participation is free of charge after registration

                           Buffet & matchmaking dinner on 31 May are included

B2B language:        English


If you are interested in this opportunity to meet potential cooperation and business partners from South Eastern Europe countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia), please fill out and fax or e-mail the attached application request form as well as a short company profile that also indicates the preferred matching partners no later than May 22, 2012 to BAPIOT, the host association in Bulgaria:

Mrs. Deliana Petrova

tel. ( + 359 2) 969 31 61; 969 31 66,

fax. ( + 359 2) 969 31 81

E-mail : d.petrova@bgtextiles.org

You are mainly invited for the first day (31 May) but if you are interested in the program of the second day you are welcome to join the companies from the region on an excursion inside Bulgaria on the second day (1 June) as well.

The Bulgarian companies that will take part in the event will be announced at the end of this week.  

Important note : 

For those of you that will stay in Sofia more than one day, please care attention of the second day activities that BAATPE team organized for you ( please see the invitation form ).   In that contexte, we would like to thank specially to the companies "PIRIN TEX" and "COATS BULGARIA" that agreed to participate in the program of the event and will open their factories om June 1, 2012 for the guests of the B2B meetings .

Do not forget to register !!!!  

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the B2B in Sofia!

Program and registration form can be downloaded here : свали pdf (181Kb)

Foreign companies - profiles :

1./ AFG, Macedonia - свали pdf (76Kb)

2./ Amadress , Albania - свали pdf (79Kb)

3./ AMOR, Macedonia - свали pdf (83Kb)

4./ Belissimma , Sarajevo - свали pdf (46Kb)

5./ Cluster FACTS, Serbia - свали pdf (53Kb)

6./ Evrosolid, Macedonia - свали pdf (26Kb)

7./ FEMINA, Macedonia - свали pdf (9Kb)

8./ KOSOVATEX, Kosovo - свали pdf (424Kb)

9./ LUNA, Serbia - свали pdf (37Kb)

10./ Melgushi, Albania - свали pdf (26Kb)

11./ MONT, Macedonia - свали pdf (301Kb)

12./ Passage, Serbia - свали pdf (42Kb)

13./ SLOVENKA, Slovenia - свали pdf (35Kb)

14./ TIFANNY , Serbia - свали pdf (58Kb)

15./ UNICOM Promet - свали pdf (67Kb)

16./ VFG, Macedonia - свали pdf (294Kb)

17./ VITEKS DE, Macedonia - свали pdf (44Kb)

18./ WERKKOL - свали pdf (653Kb)

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