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TEX-WEB: First Progress meeting for planning the activities in 2012

On 20 - 21 October in Brussels was held the First Progress meeting of the project Tex-Web (www.tex-web.eu), hosted by EURATEX. Representatives from T&C associations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia discussed with the project team the results from activities and events achieved during the first 10 months of the project and planned those for 2012.

What was done until now :

15 - 16 June: workshop.
Topic : Research, development and innovation; Competitiveness, standards and certificates.
Host: Croatian Association of Employers, Zagreb, Croatia

6 - 7 September: workshop.
Topic: Energy efficiency.
Host: Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, Serbia

26 - 27 September: workshop.
Topic : International trade and social policy.
Host: Macedonian Association of textile and fashion industry, Skopje, Macedonia.


 In 2012 BAATPE will host two project events in Bulgaria and will participate in international project meetings, planned for the partner organizations.

The project TexWeb, which started in January 2011, aims to develop the competence, capacity building and establishment of professional organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria, for better understanding of the functioning of the EU market, development of contacts and professional relation as part of international professional network of European organizations, who work for the textile and clothing industry.

As a representative of one EU member-country, as well a member of Euratex and not at least the biggest Bulgarian T&C association, BAATPE has a leading role in that project.


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