Press Releases

BAATPE representatives participated in series of events under the auspices of EURATEX

Mrs Valeria Jekova (Chairman of BAATPE), Ms. Radina Bankova (Member of the Board of BAATPE), Mrs. Svetla Nikolova (Member of the Board of BAATPE) and Mr. Nikolay Uzunov (Pirin-Tex Ltd.) took part in the regular workshop of the European project TexWeb, as well as in the Annual General Meeting of EURATEX Confederation in Brussels, Belgium.

A brief summary of events here:


Workshop TexWeb

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Balkan Organizations of Textile and Clothing Industry and EURATEX as well as expert consultants from UK and Italy. The main theme of the meeting was standardization and certification in the industry so many of the participating consultants gave presentations in the area concerned.

Seminar on business cooperation TexWeb

The meeting was presented the actual status of the industry in several Balkan countries, as well as relevant sectoral organizations. BAATPE presented the current status of the sector in Bulgaria and delivered a particular presentation detailed on "Education and training in textiles and clothing sector in Bulgaria."


Annual General Assembly of EURATEX

At the Annual General Assembly of the European Confederation of Textile and Clothing (EURATEX)was re-elected for second term as president Mr. Alberto Paccaneli (Italy). New members of the Board of Directors were also elected, and in that order - for a second term was approved BAATPE nomination of Mr. Bertram Rollman as being official representative of Eastern European countries in EURATEX.

Mr. Paccaneli presented the strategy of development of the organization  - EURATEX 2020.

At the meeting was also approuved the financial statement for 2011 and budget for 2012 and was voted the exclusion of members who have not paid their membership fees.

The public part of the General Assembly was devoted to the topic of technical textiles. Presentations were delivered, representing the state and prospects of this industry, from leading European companies - SCHAPPE (production of yarns for technical uses), GHERZI (industrial consulting sector), MESSE FRANKFURT (organization of exhibitions), SEYNTEX (production of technical clothing), SAATI (specialized tissues and chemical technology) and SANDLER (manufacture of nonwoven fabrics for technical uses)


On the last day of the program the partners of TexWeb project visited the research center Centexbel and the company for luxury lingerie Van de Velde, located near the Belgian city of Ghent.


The project TexWeb, which started in January 2010, aims to develop competence and capacity building, to build a better level of cooperation between professional organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria as part of an international professional network of European organizations, working for the textile and clothing industry.

As a representative of an EU country, a member of Euratex and not at least - an organization with exceptional history and experience, BAATPE has a leading role in the project.