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First official working visit between representatives of the German Federation of Apparel and Fashion Textil + Mode and the team of BAATPE

On 10/29/2010 (Friday) was held official working visit between representatives of the German Federation of Apparel and Fashion Textil + Mode and the team of BAATPE. The aim of the meeting was to discuss possibilities for future cooperation and mutual assistance between the two associations and ended with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.

By Textil + Mode attended:
Mr. Wolf - Rudiger Baumann - Director General
Mr. Heinz Horn - President

Valeria Jekova - Chairman of BAATPE
Bertram Rollman - Deputy Chairman of the Board of BAATPE
Mariana Manolova - CEO of BAATPE
Nikolay Uzunov - Pirin Tex Ltd.
Deliana Petrova - International cooperation BAATPE
Anastassia Simeonova - Internal markets BAATPE

The meeting was opened by Mr. Baumann, Director General of German Textil + Mode. This is the first visit of representatives of Textil + Mode first in Bulgaria at the invitation of BAATPE and Mr. Bauman takes this opportunity to thank for the meeting as well as for the actual business visits to Bulgarian companies Pirin Tex - Gotse Delchev, Chris - Pazardjik, Veni Style – Plovdiv and Intertex - Sofia previous two days. Mr. Bauman explained briefly the need for joint efforts to overcome the effects of the crisis and increasing the reputation of textile and clothing industry internationally.
The meeting continued with a presentation by Ms. Mariana Manolova, chief executive of BAPIOT. Mrs. Manolova presented to the German guests the creation story, the years of development and current activities and tasks of the Association.
By following presentation, Mr. Nikolay Uzunov, Pirin Tex Ltd. briefed the foreign guests to the economic situation in the country, major international trading countries - partners, levels of productivity and unemployment, and some aspects of the economic situation of the industry.
In detail, the overall state of Textiles and Clothing sector in Bulgaria in the last two years examined Ms. Valeria Jekova, Chairman of BAPIOT. With the data presented Ms. Valeria Jekova submit explanations on topics such as employment in the industry, average gross wage, low value added for final products, investments and European projects. Citing inquiry done among members of BAATPE and official statistics, Ms. Jekova indicated strengths and weaknesses of domestic producers in the sector and stressed the need for mutual cooperation with international partners and organisations. In her role as Chairman of BAATPE Mrs. Jekova outlined the guidelines at the new strategy for the industry  which will lay the foundations for development in the next 10 years.
In the ensuing conversation between the two countries were discuss common development goals and major problems for both sides as:

-         Mr. Horn and Mr. Rollman expressed general opinions on the lack of qualified staff as a result of poor training in schools and universities. Lack of interest from young people to career development in the sector was also cited as a key component for missing future workforce. Mr. Rollman presented his idea to create a joint education cluster, in collaboration with international institutes, universities and organizations.

-         Mr. Bowman stressed the law interest being paid by companies in R & D. He stressed that innovation is crucial for the future of any industry and should not be overlooked.

-         Representatives of the two companies were united on the issue of mutual lobbying at international level in reason to activate and enhance the image of the industry. Approved was the idea of developing common parallel strategies and development plans.

-         Strengthening of cooperation with EURATEX, developing ways to new partners projects.

At the end of meeting Ms. Valeria Jekova and Mr. Heinz Horn signed a Memorandum of Understanding in duplicate in English and Bulgarian.
Finally, representatives of Textil + Mode and their colleagues from BAATPE expressed their joy by their unanimity on most issues and confirmed their readiness for future mutual cooperation.

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