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BAATPE is a partner of EURATEX to analyze the problems of small and medium enterprises from the T&C sector in EU

In early June BAATPE prepare round table and discussion in the Southwest region to study the problems and proposals for development of small and medium enterprises from the T&C sector .

European Commission (DG Enterprises and Industry) launched a study of current state and future prospects of the industry in Europe. The aim is to identify the current situation of European industry, to discover the prospects for future development and to develop effective measures to support the companies. The survey covers all 27 states of the European Union, focusing mainly on specific regions and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as a main component of the industry.

The survey will provide essential information and guidance to national, regional and European organizations, social partners and businesses about the measures to be taken in order to reduce the effects of the crisis and to reduce socio-economic consequences, especially in those regions that are highly dependent of the T&C industry . Particular attention is paid to the study of SMEs in 5 selected regions of the EU. In Bulgaria, Southwest region was elected and then Euratex in partnership with BAATPE will investigate.

To focus on specific problems and development strategies of small and medium BAATPE will organize a discussion in the first days of June 2011 in Blagoevgrad. The Forum will provide an opportunity to discuss and identify problems in the sector, proposals on how to overcome these problems and what specific help the companies need to develop.

All companies from Blagoevgrad and the region wishing to participate are welcome to the discussion. Representatives of the Research organization of Euratex will conduct interviews with the participants. Translation and light catering will be provided.

BAATPE prepares information and questionnaires for the event. Once ready, they will be sended to all participants in advance.

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