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In January BAATPE starts its participation in new project "E-child", funded by EC


In 2011 the new project "E-child" was agrred and its official start will be made in a week, at 12 January 2012.

The project partners from France, Spain, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Holland and Italy will meet each other and discuss the development and the progress of the project for this first year.

BAATPE was invited to participate in the project "E-child" as a result of its successful performance and current participation in the project "Design4Children". "E-child" follows the development of "D4C" project and touches on the same industrial topic, with main focus on the development of online platform and training courses for designers of children clothing.

The project activities will provide knowledge and skills to develop children's garments acoording to the specific of the child physiology, by using the experiences and acquired tools from previous "D4C" project. The participating designers will have the unique opportunity to become familiar with the latest 3D technology and specialized software in order to implement it in their future activities.

In the project will be introduced 5 Bulgarian companies, producers of children's wear. They will realize the testing and the implementation of the new technologies and programs.

As a result at the end of the project , BAATPE will have the possibility to disseminate the acquired knowledges to its members - companies, to strengthen its positions on international and regional level, to improve the competitiveness of the T&C branch.


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