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“Orsha Linen Mill” : leader of light and textile industry in Belarus and countries of CIS.


“Orsha Linen Mill” is the only enterprise in the whole republic which processing long and short flax fiber. At the same time the enterprise put into practice whole production cycle from the processing of flax fiber to production of ready-made fabric and sewing goods from them as well as goods of flax from technical purpose under trademark “Orsha Linen Mill”, and the sale of ready-made production including through  their own commodity distribution network.

Main kinds of production are: apparel fabrics, which include about 2000 kinds of articles, designs and colors, and products for industrial and technical purpose: sack fabric and fabric for packing, yarn for carpet weaving, ready-made goods (bed linen, table linen, kitchen towels) etc.

The quantity of people who are working in “Orsha Linen Mill” is 5000 people.

The industrial power of the enterprise allows to remake 9000 tones of long flax fiber and 20000 tones of short flax fiber per year with three-shift regime of work.

The industrial facilities are 50 mln. square mtrs. of linen fabrics, including 30 mln. square mts. of apparel fabrics per year.

"Orsha Linen Mill" has the International quality management Certificate STB ISO 9001-2001.

The main advantages of the products of "Orsha linen mill" in comparison with the Russian and Chinese producers of the linen textiles include:

  • Territorial closeness to the main markets: the European Union and the Turkish Republic
  • Combination of the main criteria: price + quality

Contact information:

Export department

Andrei Shaviro

tel: +375216231651/232138

fax: +375216230177

e-mail: linenexport@mail.ru, linenexport@tut.by


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