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Core Services

BAATPE offers four core services to its members:

1.  Represents members' interests in all affairs with local, regional and international governmental authorities.

BAATPE frequently consults with several governmental agencies, both within Bulgaria and internationally, to ensure that the interests of our members and the industry as a whole are considered in key policy and regulatory decisions. 

BAATPE also stays up-to-date on all relevant trade regulations affecting the industry and the effects of them.  

2.  Informs members on a daily basis through competitive industry news and research from around the globe.

We realize that identifying and staying abreast of relevant industry news and research is a consuming and often overwhelming task.  But we also realize that the right information is extremely valuable to companies in the industry.  Our staff scours dozens of sources of industry news and research, online and offline, on a daily basis to find only the most relevant information pertaining to the industry.  These reports are designed to inform members about broader developments in the industry as well as assist them in day-to-day decisions affecting their businesses.  Members enjoy unrestricted access to this information through our website and our official newsletter. 

3.  Promotes Bulgarian members to potential partners from abroad.

The third and perhaps most important pillar of our core services is promotion of our members to potential partners abroad.  This activity includes:

  • Online strategies aimed at attracting foreign buyers searching for partners online to our website and online Company Directory, where they can search for qualified companies producing their desired articles and contact companies directly.
  • Attending several international business trips throughout the year. This activity is targeted toward specific countries that offer promising opportunities for our members. See a list of recent and upcoming business trips.
  • Promotion and hosting of BGate, the largest trade fair for apparel, textile and fashion in Bulgaria.
  • Fielding ongoing inquiries from abroad and organizing company visits and tours for international manufacturers and buyers.

4. Participates in different international projects with EU funding in order to increase the competitiveness and knowledge of the Association staff and the participating Bulgarian companies and to propose to all our members new opportunities for trade and development. 

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