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Business meeting for cooperation - BAATPE, BOTO, BCCI

On July 3, 2012 in Sofia, at the invitation of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held an official meeting between the representatives of BAATPE, BCCI and Branch Organization for Textile and Clothing in Southwestern Bulgaria ( BOTO ).

From BAATPE the meeting was attended by Mrs Valeria Jekova (Chairman of BAATPE) and Ms Deliana Petrova (International cooperation), BOTO was represented by Mr Yordan Belovodski (Chairman) and Mr Vassil Lazarov (Yaki - 91 Ltd.). From the part of the hosts, they were Mr Tzvetan Simeonov (Chairman of BCCI), Mrs Katya Kojuharova (Fairs and Exhibitions Department) and Mr Milen Mollov (Fairs and Exhibitions Department).

The main topic of discussion were the most commun problems for the Bulgarian T&C producers and exporters, the actual situation of the branch in Bulgaria, the influence of the crisis during the last years, etc. It was found that from 2011 part of the high quality companies from West Europe came back to Bulgaria and choose our country for the manufacture of their last collections, which is a very significant sign for positive change.

In that sense, the representatives of the three organizations discussed the possibilities fro promoting the Bulgarian T&C companies in addition to the European markets and customers.

Mr Tzvetan SImeonov declared to Mrs Valeria Jekova its desir for joint work on the resumption of the next edition of BGate (www.bgateexpo.com) in 2013. The team of BCCI and in particular - the colleagues from Fairs and Exhibitions Departments will undertake to create a draft offer for cooperation between the organizations and organizational concept for the fair.

Those two documents will be submitted to the agrrement of Mrs Valeria Jekova and the Board of Members of BAATPE.

The team of BAATPE will keep you informed of future developments of the theme.

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