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BAAPTE position towards the change in the reglamentation on the market survelliance package

The Bulgarian Association of the Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters (BAATPE) is in favor of the position of EURATEX on the Market Surveillance Package. Furthermore, in view of the changes and the development in the industry and in the market in our sector BAATPE reckons that the origin of goods should be obligatorily indicated on them. The brand indeed defines the style, but it does not always guarantee quality. The introduction of this requirement will help:


  • Improve and harmonize the rules in EU’s internal market;


  • Lead to a higher transparency and equal treatment between imported and local goods;


  • Reach better control on the imported goods;


  • Inform the end customer to a higher extent;



The development of IT gives the possibility to track products’ history with very high exactness, especially when the legislation requires an obligatory ID number for them. Also, the owners of the big global brands already require that each product’s history be able to be traced back to the first operation. Moreover, the costs incurred for the additional indication of origin on the label will be negligibly low.


BAATPE also fully supports the general position of EURATEX on the Consumer Product Safety Regulation (CPSR) and the Market Surveillance Package


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