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TEX-WEB: BAATPE is a partner in new international project


From 2011, BAATPE will be a partner in new international partner with collaboration with divers Europe and West Balkans.

The project TEX-WEB has a duration of 2 years and its mains activities are :

 - Continue capacity building work with the European Associations;

 - Extend the experience to further countries in the Western Balkan region:  Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, (Kosovo)

Main objectives of the project in short:

1. Competence development

- Better understand EU (market) rules & functioning, train local experts, provide permanent access to information

2. Organizational capacity building

- Improve structure, governance, membership, and funding, national impact of associations

3. International networking

- Become part of a professional network & “family” of organizations that work for the future of the textile & clothing industry in Europe


The first kick-off meeting of the project will be held on 24 January 2011 at Brussels, Belgium.


More about the project : свали pdf (30Kb)


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