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The website for Design4Children Project is ready




Design 4 Children, a new European Project for Research and Development has born. This project is led by the Spanish Association of Children's Products, ASEPRI, and it is formed by 12 partners.

DESIGN 4 CHILDREN will enhance the competitiveness of the sector through the development of three innovative tools for R & D biomechanics and ICT: support tool design, virtual dummy for testing designs and web 2.0. These tools will promote a new children's product differentiation to meet international competition, and promote the comfort, quality and safety of children's products and innovative product design.

Design 4 Children will develop over the next 3 years and will take as a starting point of research child biomechanical conditions and the interaction of children with clothes and products to which they relate. The conclusions drawn will identify a number of criteria elasticity, flexibility, thermal comfort and movement and resistance of tissues, among others.

The virtual dummy for testing the designs will allow SMEs to see how the product is and whether it meets the criteria that have been designed without recourse to the creation of real prototypes. It is an instrument that will help economizing and significantly will speed up the product creation process of companies.

The website for Design4Children Project is ready

Design 4 Children Project has its own website: www.design4children.eu.There you can discover all the News about the project, the Partners who formed the consortium, Press Releases, Events and the Newsletter, which we launch here.

But not only there is the website: Design 4 Children Project has its own Blog www.design4children.eu/blog where it is intended that members actively participate in it including all news and opinions they want to share.

Discover all the EVENTS

Design 4 Children website offers all the Project news, but in addition to the news that there may be found, we recommend visiting the Events section. This section includes the various fairs, events, meetings and activities involving members of the  Design 4 Children:

Pitti Immagine Bimbo, FIMI International Fashion Fair, Cero a Cuatro, Riccione Moda Italia, Kind und Jugend, Collection Première Moscow –CPM Kids, Collection Première Istanbul-CPI, Bread & Butter, ModAmont, Zoom by Fatex, GDS Düsseldorf, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event, CPD Signatures, PURE- Pure & Premier and different EURATEX meetings.

There the partners will carry out dissemination and project communication among professionals and companies of Children’s Fashion and Childcare sector.

Next D4C Meetings

Next Design 4 Children meeting will take place in the headquarters of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, IBV, one of the Project partners, on February 28th and March 1st in Valencia (Spain).

This second meeting will emphasize the technical part of the Research Project. In particular, participants are going to discuss the progress made during the first six months on biomechanical & physiological criteria for enhanced children’s comfort and functionality.

Design 4 Children consortium, composed by 12 partners, is led by the Spanish Association of Children’s Products (ASEPRI). Also, it is coordinated by the European Association of children’s fashion and childcare, Children’s Fashion Europe (CFE), the Bulgarian Association of apparel and textile producers and exporters (BAATPE) and the Italian organization which gathers textil, fashion and shoes sectors (ECIPA).

The phase of Research and Technical Development is led by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) and it also involved The UK Intelligent Systems Research Institute Limited (ISRI), and Browzwear International, Ltd de Israel.

The collaborators in the development expert support are the Association of Research Studies in Pediatrics and the Finnish association of retailers Muotikaupan Liitto ry.

The European SMEs which participate in the requirements and validation of results are: Bebé Due España, SA, Kolev and Kolev, Ltd. and Bravotex Ibérica, SL.

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