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Presenting the results of the project Design4Children the international trade fair for children's fashion "FIMI

June 21, 2013. International children's fashion fair "FIMI in Valencia - Asepri and

Biomechanics institute of Valencia (IBV),  together with its project partners presented the results of the European project Design4Children. The project has three main over - technology development as the goal is to become a product and to introduce them to market to enable consumers to benefit from the information generated within the life cycle of the project.  Products represent innovation for the industry and will provide marketing opportunities for innovative companies are constantly looking for competitive advantages.

The three products are:

 "Design Supporter" that will help to design teams to introduce enhanced features of their products and ensure the comfort and well-being of children for which the product is intended.

"Virtual Tester" which predicts the comfort of the children and the life cycle of the product according to functional properties of virtual prototypes.

"Purchase advisor" will be available through the Internet and in retail outlets in order to help buyers and retailers to choose products that are better suited to the needs of their children. In his presentation was presented the first results of the project E-Child European Leonardo project which aims to create a vocational training course in ergonomics and ease of use to designers of children's products. The result of this initiative will be available in the online version in several languages at the end of 2013.

More information can be found on www.design4children.eu

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