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Analyze of Bulgarian T&C industry (January – August 2011)


The first eight months of 2011, the whole volume of export, realized by the Bulgarian  T & C industry, reached the amount of 1 176 million euro, which represents  8.9 % from the whole export of the country ( compared to 10.1% from the export and 993 million euro for the same period in 2010) .

Independently of the decline in export in the T&C branch, during the first eight months of 2011 the volume grew by 18.4% over the same period of 2010. 

Saving the positive trade balance in the sector, the export in 2011 exceeds the import with 247 million euro (211 million euro for 2010).

In the export structure of T&C industry traditionally predominant is the sub-category “Clothing”. During the first eight months of 2011 it owned 82%, while the sub-category “Textile” - 18%.

Eight are the main groups of products, from a total of 150, affecting the market and the T&C manufacturers, which formed more than 70% of the whole export, realized by the T&C industry in Bulgaria. In those groups of products the biggest export part have suits, dresses, jackets, skirts, skirts-trousers, trousers etc. , which in 2011 form 32% (or 375.9 million euro).  The smallest parts in the export have: ski suits and swimwear. They generate approximately 2% from the exported production.

The eight main product groups, forming the major part of the Bulgarian export of T&C, realized 868.7 million euro of export during the period January – August 2011 (compared to 755 million euro for the same period of 2010) or there is a growth of export for the eight categories of products with 114 million euro or 15.1%.

Although during this period of time the amount of the realized export of the whole industry is equal to 1176 million euro, while the concentration is made in small amount of products.

The analyze of the informations about the import of textiles and clothing for the first eight months of 2011 also shows a high concentration in several groups of products, as for the export. The biggest part in 2011 takes the import of different textiles, which amounts to 310 million euro or 33.7% of the country import (compared to 263 million euro for the same period of 2010).  So there is a rise of 18% compared to 2010. Once again the smallest part of the import takes the product group including socks, tights, and other similar products ( During the period January – august 2011, it arise to 14 million euro or only 1.5% from the entire import for the industry, which however represents a growth comparing to realized 12 million euro during the same period of 2010)

The trades balance of the industry during the period January – august 2011 remains positive and represents 257 million euro compared to 211 million euro for the same period in 2011.

In 2011 the main partners of the Bulgarian T&C industry remain the same. The classification of the six first countries – partners is without any change. On their markets is placed a production for 901 million euro or 76.6% from the import of the textile industry.

Italy continues to be first with a share of 24%., followed by Germany (23%) and Greece (13%). Thus in these three countries implemented more than half of the exported Bulgarian T&C production. Down on the list, from places 4 to 6, they are arranged respectively France, England and Spain.

Traditionally the sale of our T&C production is realized in countries – members of EU and less in the neighbor Balkans countries. Our main Balkans partners are Greece, Turkey, Romania, where during the first eight months of 2011 is exported T&C production for an amount of 188 million euro.

In the period January – August 2011, the export of T&C products increased with 17% compared to the same period in 2010.

Traditionally in January – August 2011 the trend is kept to import products for Bulgarian T&C industry from always the same countries. It is interesting that China restored its lost positions from previous years. Thus in 2011, the six major countries formed 74,8% from the entire import of products for T&C industry (687 million euro ) and the import grew  with 16,4% compared to 2010.

Italy is once again the leading country (23.9%), followed by Germany (14.7%) and Greece (13.3%), Turkey, France and China.

Our Balkans partners from which we introduced products for T&C industry aren’t changed: they are Greece, Turkey, and Romania. In 2011 from these countries Bulgaria imported products for 256 million euro. This represents almost 1/3 of the entire import of T&C products for the period of analyze in 2011.

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